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Cannabis and Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a chronic neurological disorder that gets worse with time. There is no known cure for this disease, which causes a lack of control over bodily movements, depression, cognitive decline, and more.  This condition can be a very debilitating disorder, because it can affect eating, sleeping, and many other vital bodily functions […]

Vaping Suspected in 380 Illnesses and 6 Deaths. What is Going On?

U.S. health officials are investigating what might be causing hundreds of serious lung illnesses in people who use e-cigarettes and other vaping devices. They have identified about 380 confirmed and probable cases in 36 states, including six deaths. At a Sept. 6, 2019, press briefing including officials from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention […]

What You and Health Professionals Should Discuss When it Comes to CBD

Whenever registered nurse Heather Manus is out and about in public, she can’t seem to escape discussions of cannabidiol (CBD), a suddenly ubiquitous compound found in cannabis. Manus often hears people discussing CBD over lunch, or that someone has started giving CBD products to her dog; another to help with human arthritis. A lot of […]

Study Finds Smoking Marijuana Best for Relieving Pain

Among the overwhelming variety of cannabis products available on the market today, the most effective for pain relief appears to be whole dried marijuana flower and products high in THC, a new study finds. “Whole cannabis flower was associated with greater pain relief than were other types of products, and higher tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels were […]

Chocolate Ingredients Throw Off Cannabis Potency Tests, Researchers Say

Chocolate may be messing with cannabis potency testing, scientists are warning, and it could mean packaged edibles are understating THC content.  A study published by the American Chemical Society (ACS) found that chemical components in chocolate might be interfering with cannabis potency test results. The findings come from researchers at CW Analytical, a California-based lab […]

Your Doctor Probably Doesn’t Know Anything About Marijuana

In the 21st century, cannabis has seen inroads as a medicine for a variety of illnesses. Though more research is available to reinforce the medicinal potential of cannabis, physicians in the United States remain largely in the dark about marijuana and its medical uses. People are more curious than ever about marijuana as medicine, so […]

Youth Marijuana Use Doesn’t Rise When it’s Legal. Federal Data Prove It.

Despite prohibitionists’ often-expressed fears that legalization would lead more young people to use marijuana, new federal data released on Aug. 20, 2019, show no such trend. Reports of past-month cannabis use among those 12-17 remained stable from 2017 to 2018 — and they’re significantly lower than in the years prior to when the first states […]

Louisiana Officials Say Medical Marijuana Program is off to a Good Start

Two weeks after Louisiana patients began receiving medical marijuana, the program is humming along without supply disruption and with thousands of people receiving the drug for medical use, regulatory officials and the head of one growing operation said Aug. 19, 2019. John Davis, president of GB Sciences Louisiana, one of two state-sanctioned medical marijuana growers, […]

Cannabinoids Have Potential to Reduce Tumor Growth, Researchers Find

A recent scientific review concludes that marijuana’s legal status should be revisited given existing research that shows cannabis’s components can inhibit tumor growth and help with cancer management. Researchers at Amity University in India detailed the scientific literature surrounding the effects of cannabinoids on different cancer types and also looked at marijuana’s anti-nausea, appetite stimulation, […]