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Smaller California marijuana farmers form co-ops to save on costs, compete with large growers

As corporate cultivation operations in California continue to expand, small cannabis growers in the Golden State are banding together to develop cooperatives in an attempt to gain a competitive edge against their large-scale rivals. Co-ops present pros and cons for smaller marijuana growers. But those who are making the move point to these factors: By […]

Germany confirms cannabis licenses for domestic cultivation after challenges fail

(This story has been updated to correct the number of lots awarded to Demecan.) The German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) on Monday announced the final results of the domestic cultivation application process, confirming the preliminary results as reported by Marijuana Business Daily last month: Five lots for Aurora Produktions GmbH. Five lots for Aphria […]

Arkansas marijuana dispensaries could have edibles on shelves next week

Published 4 mins ago Cannabis-infused edibles, concentrates and vape cartridges are expected to hit dispensaries in Arkansas sometime in the next several days, and the rules for the products are similar to those in other medical and adult-use marijuana markets. Robert Lercher, a spokesman for Bold Team, a licensed producer/processor, says it intends to […]

Netherlands prepares legal recreational cannabis cultivation experiment

The Netherlands is laying the groundwork to become the first country in Europe to allow commercial production of adult-use marijuana – although initially the program would be considered an “experiment.” Under the Dutch plan, a limited number of companies would be allowed to legally grow marijuana to supply coffee shops in the country that would, […]

Cannabis firm Cronos Group reports wider Q1 loss, misses on revenue

Published 1 min ago Toronto-based Cronos Group reported first-quarter results Thursday revealing the licensed marijuana company’s losses grew from a year ago as it missed revenue expectations. Cronos reported first-quarter revenue of 6.5 million Canadian dollars ($4.8 million) for the period ended March 31 – up 120% from the year-ago period, the company said […]

Health Canada tightens marijuana licensing protocol

Published 1 min ago Federal regulatory agency Health Canada on Wednesday issued changes to its cannabis licensing procedures to more closely align them with other regulated sectors. Effective immediately, all new applicants for licenses to cultivate, process or sell marijuana for medical reasons must have a fully built site that meets all cannabis regulation […]

Illuminating the lighting situation in indoor marijuana grows

(Photo courtesy of Shift Cannabis) (This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the May-June issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.) Marijuana grown indoors obviously needs water and nutrients to grow and thrive, but it’s imperative that growers also ensure plants are getting the proper amount of light. Providing cannabis with optimum light enables […]

Oregon cannabis company reaches agreement in suit with former partner

Oregrown, a vertically integrated cannabis company in Bend, Oregon, settled a dispute with former grower and business partner Justin Crawn. The company agreed to dismiss its lawsuit against Crawn, including all court fees and outstanding claims. The Bend Bulletin reports that the original suit filed by Oregrown in August sought $2.7 million in damages. Crawn […]

Marijuana waste disposal – Cannabis waste disposal is big business

(Photo courtesy of EcoWaste Services) (This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the May-June issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.) Marijuana waste gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to enter an emerging cannabis sector that turns plant refuse and post-extraction leftovers into marketable products that range from animal bedding to construction materials. Cannabis growers and […]

Washington state cannabis retailers’ pesticide tests proving disruptive for processors

The practice of self-testing products for pesticides and other toxins by some Washington state marijuana retailers appears to be disrupting the market for cannabis producers and processors, particularly those working in the extraction space. Growers and manufacturers who have been exposed for selling unclean products have seen their revenues take a hit and scrambled to […]