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Canadian marijuana shortage dampens Aurora Cannabis’ international sales

A shortfall of cannabis in Canada’s regulated market took a toll on the international sales of an industry leader, Aurora Cannabis, according to the company. The Alberta firm’s international medical cannabis sales rose nearly 40% to 4 million Canadian dollars ($3 million) in the third quarter, up from CA$2.9 million. “While we continue to expand […]

British Columbia trails Ontario in cannabis micro-license applications

(This article has been amended to note that the data presented is as of March 31. – Ed.) A relatively new class of federal marijuana licenses for smaller businesses in Canada is proving to be more appealing to entrepreneurs in Ontario than in British Columbia – home to most of the country’s craft cannabis industry […]

Provinces may permit cannabis nurseries to sell genetics on-site

Provinces and territories have the authority to approve on-site retail sales of cannabis plants and seeds to consumers by federal nursery license, Health Canada has confirmed. Such a move would unlock commercial opportunities for regulated businesses to compete with the thriving illicit home-grow market – but, so far, no province has been willing to take […]

Denver-area cannabis sales up 10 percent-27 percent in advance of ‘bomb cyclone’ storm

Denver-area marijuana retailers may owe regional meteorologists a debt of gratitude. Advance warning of the region’s “bomb cyclone” blizzard in March gave residents an opportunity to visit medical and adult-use retailers beforehand – leading to sales spikes of 10% to 27% in the days leading up to the snowstorm. The storm effectively shut down Denver […]

Florida medical cannabis market surges ahead, with five companies dominating

Florida’s medical marijuana market is booming, with an average of nearly two dispensaries opening each week across the state. The number of enrolled patients recently zipped past the 200,000 mark with more than 10,000 new patients signing up each week. But despite numbers that make the Sunshine State among the fastest-growing MMJ markets in the […]

Danish medical cannabis market sees significant growth in first year

The number of patients who received medical cannabis prescriptions in Denmark more than tripled in the initial year of the country’s program, exceeding expectations of executives in the country. However, more needs to be done to lower prices, expand product selection and further improve access, executives said. Prescriptions of medical cannabis products in Denmark rose […]

Ontario’s legal adult-use cannabis sales hit new low

Hobbled by the bungled rollout of physical stores and inconsistent inventory at the monopoly online retailer, sales of legal adult-use cannabis in Ontario hit a fresh low in the month of February. Receipts at the Ontario Cannabis Store declined to just 7.5 million Canadian dollars ($5.6 million), down from almost CA$9 million in January, according […]

Eastern salaries top Western compensation in cannabis

Salaries for employees of U.S. marijuana companies lean higher in East Coast markets than on the West Coast. That’s one key takeaway from a Marijuana Business Magazine survey of cannabis industry recruiters. Exceptions exist, of course, such as California, where salaries are higher than average, and Florida, where they are lower than average. Several factors […]

Brazilian cannabis import authorizations top 1,000 in Q1 2019

Brazilian authorities continued to approve permits to import medical cannabis at an increasing rate through the first quarter of 2019. According to data provided to Marijuana Business Daily, Brazil’s National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) granted 884 new authorizations and 170 renewals during the first quarter of 2019 – more than one-third of all the authorizations that were […]

Nascent Canadian extracts industry could grow to 50% of cannabis market

The marijuana extraction sector in Canada is still in “the early innings” and poised for significant growth after the federal government legalizes concentrates and edibles later this year, according to a market analyst. “What we like about extractors is that there is a long runway of growth ahead,” GMP Securities analyst Martin Landry told Marijuana […]