Month: August 2019

At Disney Awards, Robert Downey Jr. Recalls Marijuana Bust at Disneyland

Robert Downey Jr. said he was once detained at Disneyland after getting caught smoking marijuana on a gondola ride. The “Iron Man” and “Avengers” actor shared the anecdote while being honored at the Disney Legends award show on Aug. 23, 2019, describing his first trip to the California park. “Here’s a bit of trivia for […]

What is CBG? The Minor Cannabinoid with Major Potential, Explained.

Although cannabis is a complex plant with more than 400 chemical entities, the weed industry has — for the most part — remained fixated on two particular cannabinoids: THC and cannabidiol (CBD). But other cannabinoids are starting to emerge into the spotlight.  One of these so-called minor cannabinoids is cannabigerol (CBG), which is gaining attention […]

Lawsuit alleges marijuana firm Tilt Holdings broke law with solicitations

Tilt Holdings, a Massachusetts-based company specializing in cannabis technology, faces a possible class-action lawsuit over its marketing tactics. Los Angeles residents Richard Komaiko and Marcie Cooperman filed suit against Tilt Holdings alleging the company violated federal law by spamming them and other customers with unsolicited text-message marketing. Denver-based software firm Baker Technologies, a Tilt subsidiary that targets retail […]

Alaska governor brings back marijuana advocate to state board

Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy is bringing back a marijuana advocate to the state cannabis regulatory board, a move welcomed by an industry that successfully fought his attempt to install an MJ critic. Dunleavy’s office said he appointed Bruce Schulte to the Marijuana Control Board. Schulte was involved in the 2014 initiative that legalized adult-use marijuana […]

New Mexico limits medical cannabis growers to 1,750 plants

Regulators in New Mexico will cap licensed medical marijuana cultivators to 1,750 mature cannabis plants starting next week, a 30% drop from the 2,500 plants allowed under an expiring emergency state rule. Some cultivators such as Ultra Health, the largest MMJ operator in the state, said the plant limit will exacerbate a medical marijuana shortage […]

After slow start, Canada’s cannabis sales reach new high

Adult-use cannabis sales through regulated channels in Canada reached a new high in June after meandering for much of the first half-year of legalization, according to the latest seasonally-adjusted data from Statistics Canada. Sales of regulated adult-use cannabis surpassed 85 million Canadian dollars ($63 million) in June, an improvement over May’s CA$79 million and April’s CA$67 […]

Your Doctor Probably Doesn’t Know Anything About Marijuana

In the 21st century, cannabis has seen inroads as a medicine for a variety of illnesses. Though more research is available to reinforce the medicinal potential of cannabis, physicians in the United States remain largely in the dark about marijuana and its medical uses. People are more curious than ever about marijuana as medicine, so […]

Weedmaps to end its ads for illicit cannabis, FBI probes MJ industry, MO licensing odds & more

Weedmaps plans to cease advertising unlicensed cannabis retailers, the FBI looks into public corruption in the legal marijuana industry, Missouri receives more than 2,000 medical marijuana applications – and more of the week’s top cannabis business news. Weedmaps to stop advertising unlicensed businesses The influential marijuana site Weedmaps, which is one of the most popular […]

Stiiizy Merges Weed and Fine Art in its New Retail Experience

Stiiizy’s new retail store in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District feels as much like an open spaced art gallery as much as a modern weed store. But wander deeper within the new 6,500-square foot flagship store and you might be surprised to find an interactive art installation merged with a larger-than-life cannabis store.  The […]

Utah lawmakers consider ditching state-run medical cannabis system

Published 3 mins ago Utah legislators are drafting a proposal to scrap a planned state-run medical marijuana dispensary system and instead increase the number of private facilities, which would boost business opportunities and sales. Lawmakers are considering the change after facing pressure from county attorneys who said the system put public employees at risk of […]