Month: July 2019

More THC Companies are Starting CBD Companies. Here’s Why.

Judging from cannabis sales — U.S. adult-use and medical-only marijuana sales reaching $8 billion to $10 billion in 2018 while cannabidiol (CBD) sales were upwards of $238 million, according to Marijuana Business Daily estimates — consumers are extremely interested in both THC and CBD. So are business owners. As legalization continues to spread, both will […]

Harvest wants to regain Pennsylvania medical cannabis license

Published 10 mins ago | By Jeff Smith Arizona-based Harvest Health & Recreation said it will challenge the decision by Pennsylvania regulators to revoke the license of a medical cannabis cultivation operation it recently acquired. Regulators refused to renew the permit of Agrimed Industries one month after a surprise state inspection found numerous violations, […]

Women account for more than a third of cannabis business executives

Nearly 37% of the senior-level jobs at cannabis companies are held by women, according to a Marijuana Business Daily survey. Although the number of women holding top spots has vacillated since 2015, the percentage of women top executives in the cannabis space is still far higher than the national average of 21% for all businesses […]

How to be a Low-Waste Cannabis Consumer

As state cannabis regulations get a tighter grip on how cannabis is packaged and who can consume it, weed companies are forced into stricter packaging laws that often result into cannabis products being contained in plastic.  And the world has a problem with plastic. According to the Ocean Conservancy, an ocean advocacy group, 8 million […]

DEA ordered to explain medical marijuana research application delay

Published 4 mins ago A federal appellate court ordered the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to respond within a month to a lawsuit claiming that it’s unlawfully failed to act on medical cannabis research applications since 2016. Such research is critical to assessing public health benefits, which in turn could create additional industry opportunities. The […]

Researchers Find Endocannabinoids in Gut Might Regulate Obesity

While studies have shown that endocannabinoids naturally regulate a variety of physiological processes in our bodies, scientists are now finding that their function also includes sending a message from our gut to our brain to tell us that we’re full and should stop eating. That system, however, can get disrupted. Scientists decided to find out […]

Pennsylvania regulators strip cultivator of medical cannabis license

Published 1 min ago Pennsylvania regulators revoked the permit of one of the state’s medical cannabis cultivators for allegedly violating production and security regulations. The action against Agrimed Industries comes roughly a month after a surprise state inspection found numerous violations that raised concerns that some plants may have been diverted to the illicit market, […]

Cannabis investors shift from loan financing to equity investment

Published 1 min ago | By Maggie Cowee Cannabis investors are changing their investment strategy in a bid to capture higher returns, shifting away from extending loans to companies in favor of investing in their shares. As the perceived risk of investing in the cannabis industry recedes, investors see more upside from investing in […]

Businesses appeal Utah’s medical marijuana growing picks

Published 1 min ago Six companies challenged Utah’s medical marijuana grower licensing selections, which could further delay the program rollout set for next year. The state’s Division of Purchasing said Monday it received the appeals before Friday’s deadline from six unsuccessful applicants. Some applicants complain that Utah is granting licenses to unqualified cultivators; others […]