Month: May 2019

The Dreamery with Disco Dining Club and Nice Paper

Weed Party @ is a column by Michelle Lhooq and Lindsay MaHarry, two self-described “weed party girls.” The goal of the column is simple: Determine whether the party was cool. On May 9, 2019, Michelle attended The Dreamery, a weed-infused feast that promised to pair “decadent sweets with bountiful weed in a dreamlike setting reminiscent […]

Illinois lawmakers approve adult-use cannabis program that could hit $2 billion in sales

Illinois on Friday became the country’s first state to legalize recreational marijuana cultivation and sales through its Legislature, a landmark move that paves the way for the creation of one of the nation’s largest adult-use cannabis markets offering “huge” business opportunities. Marijuana Business Daily projects the Illinois rec market potentially will eclipse $2 billion in […]

Colombia has 100-plus licensed cannabis firms, but only a handful have registered cultivars

Interest in Colombia’s medical marijuana market is booming, but a Marijuana Business Daily analysis shows that – out of over 100 licensed cannabis companies operating in the country – very few have finished registering their first cultivars, a prerequisite to growing crops for commercial purposes. So far no company is selling or exporting medical cannabis commercially. That […]

How California Cannabis Cultivators Grapple With Extreme Weather

No matter how much experience they have under their belt, cultivators who choose to grow cannabis in an outdoor environment are at the full mercy of Mother Nature. Every few years, that constant battle intensifies for cannabis plants grown in the California sunshine, as they are forced to square off with El Niño, an irregularly […]

Alabama bill to create medical marijuana study commission advances

Published 1 min ago The Alabama Legislature might create a medical marijuana study commission that could recommend legislation for next year. The proposal is a compromise after a Senate-passed bill to legalize medical marijuana hit opposition in the House of Representatives. The House might vote Friday on the watered-down bill. State Sen. Tim Melson, […]

What to Stream on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon This June While High

You’re home, you’ve smoked (or dabbed, or vaped, or edibled) and you’re ready to stream something that will soothe, engage, and invigorate your stoney eyes and ears. Amidst the endless pool of content streaming options that is the Internet, Weedmaps News is offering a streamlined selection of stoney shows and movies to watch high, available […]

Oregon marijuana regulators could soon have the ability to deny new grow licenses

Oregon’s oversupply of cannabis has prompted lawmakers to attempt to give the Oregon Liquor Control Commission more leeway to deny new cultivation licenses based on supply and demand. A bill that passed the Senate and is now before the House would not only reduce the huge surplus but would prevent diversion of unsold legal marijuana into the […]

IL and NJ cannabis legislative moves, Harvard MJ research partnership & more

The Illinois Senate passes a recreational cannabis sales and taxation bill, an expansion of New Jersey’s medical marijuana program advances, Harvard and Canadian cannabis firm Atlas sign a medical research partnership – plus other important news from around the industry. Will Illinois mark an MJ first? Illinois could be on the verge of becoming the […]

Ben & Jerry’s Wants to Make CBD Ice Cream, But Can It?

Ice cream giant Ben & Jerry’s announced that it hopes to sell CBD-infused pints of ice cream. That is, once the FDA determines how cannabidiol legality will work for food and beverages. In a May 30, 2019, blog post, Ben & Jerry’s said it is “committed to bringing CBD-infused ice cream to your freezer as […]

How Can Whole-Plant CBD Oil and FDA-Approved Epidiolex Reduce Seizures?

One of the biggest roadblocks to treating any condition with cannabis medicine is restricted access. Even individuals with medical marijuana cards and approved conditions can still have trouble obtaining the treatment they seek due to haphazard state laws and a lack of federal regulation. On June 25, 2018, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the […]